Daiichi Display Ltd a London-based company which owns ITIC, facilitates challenging dialogue between tourism industry leaders and stakeholders on the sustainable development of tourism and travel and collaborate with governments, investors and project owners to create joint ventures that invest in developing innovative tourism and travel facilities, infrastructure and services that benefit all stakeholders, especially the host countries and their peoples. Our team does extensive research work, and we provide valuable content, insights and market intelligence on tourism investment opportunities in regions we operate. Complementing our conferences and investment services, we produce high quality corporate documents and publications, and promotions for our clients that add value and enhance profile of their brands.

ITIC delivers annual Global tourism investment conferences in collaboration with government tourism ministries and agencies that provide a forum for delegates to interact with tourism and travel, and financial services industry leaders and policy makers to discuss topical issues, challenges and future trends in the sustainable development of tourism and travel. It also provides a platform for project owners/developer to engage with potential investors.

The company has successfully produced the launch of the International Tourism & Investment Conference (ITIC) on the 02 November 2018 in London www.itic.uk/videos and also successfully organised the Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference (ITSC) in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria on the 31 May 2019 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria www.investingintourism.com.

More information https://itic.uk/

eTN Corporation:

  • Oldest established global e-news publication in the world. Established in 1999, daily email editions since 2001.
  • Readership: 230,000 travel industry professionals, 17,000 journalists, 1.3 million average consumers 
  • Geographical reach:30% North America, 30% in Europe, strong in Africa, Gulf Region & Middle East, Central, East and Southern Asia, Australia and Pacific. Limited in South America, China.
  • Syndicated network reaches 1.3 million potential travelers (consumers) around the globe.
  • SaferTourism.com: The leader in travel and tourism safety and security consulting, events and training


  • eTurboNews, eTN: Travel Industry professionals worldwide including selling trade, MICE, PR, aviation, hospitality, associations, governments and media.1-3 feature articles, 5-10 news articles a day.
  • TravelWireNews: Truly international content with a touch of travel, tourism and human rights. 200+ articles a day.
  • WorldTourismWire: Top leaders within UNWTO, WTTC, ETOA, ICTP, PATA, IIPT, IGLTA and other organizations. CEO of major companies and heads of tourism boards and CVB’s. 1-3 articles a week.
  • Travelindustrydeals: Travel agents interested to learn about sales tools and special offers.10-20 offers a week.
  • Meetings.travel: All about MICE
  • Wines.travel : Gourmet and wines 
  • Aviation.travel: All about the aviation industry
  • Breakingnews.travel : Breaking news portal imported from social media without editing.
  • Investments.travel : All about investments in tourism (starting 2018)
  • Gaytourism: Trade and travelers interested in LGBT travel and tourism. 
  • Forimmediaterelease: Journalists interested in travel and tourism updates. 5-10 release postings a day.
  • eTurboNews.de : German language travel professionals. 2-5 articles a day.

Other Exposure:

  • Google news inclusion
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,  YOUTUBE, Instagram
  • Search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex
  • Partner networks includes 600+ affiliated publications
  • WorldTourismEvents.com : Event Promotions
  • US Shopping Center Exhibitions : http://buzz.travel/expo/
  • SaferTourism.com  : Tourism Security and Safety consulting, training, audit and exposure
  • TravelMarketingNetwork: PR & Marketing

Global e-newsletters:

  • eTurboNews Weekly: 3,800 global
  • eTN Daily AM edition: 175,100 global
  • eTN Daily PM edition: 162,100 global
  • eTN Rush (hourly updates: 48,910
  • TravelWireNews (every 2 hours) 78,200 + 1.3 million consumers on browser alerts
  • WorldTourismWire (weekly or on demand) 7,200 CEO, ministers of tourism, etc
  • Meetings travel (2x week): 31,200 MICE professionals
  • Aviation.travel (3x week): 17,810 Aviation professionals
  • Wines.travel: (1x week)  11,200 subscribers
  • Gaytourism.travel: (2x week) 18,100 LGBT friendly travel professionals plus extended consumer audience through alerts, social media

What we have to offer:

  • Giving visibility through feature articles.
  • Positioning your content using trigger keywords in headline and key content.
  • Distribution of your press releases.
  • Impact Articles
  • Email blasts using our established travel-telegram platform
  • Banner campaigns to target a highly concentrated audience of trade, consumers, journalists sorted by regions, status and behavior.
  • Social media campaigns
  • Targeted outreach to our MICE and Travel-TradeShow Database 
  • Road shows in North America and Europe
  • Branding campaigns and positioning
  • Public Relations and representations 
  • Opinion building campaigns
  • Event promotions
  • Photo services, seminars and workshops
  • SaferTourism.com  : Tourism Security and Safety consulting, training, audit and exposure
  • Webinars, Virtual Tourism Town Hall Events 
  • Conferences and Speakers

Sample client list: 

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand 
  • Bahamas Tourism Board
  • Indonesia.travel
  • Seychelles Tourism Board 
  • Vanilla Island Tourism Organization
  • Brunei Tourism 
  • Guam Tourism Board
  • Jordan Tourism Board 
  • Korean Tourism Board
  • Hawaii Tourism Association 
  • Saudi Commission for Tourism 
  • California tourism 
  • City of Baden-Baden Tourism Board 
  • German Tourism Board
  • African Tourism Board
  • Uganda Tourism Board
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Board 
  • Maldives Tourism Board 
  • Nepal Tourism Board
  • Bhutan Tourism 
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board 
  • Cape Town Tourism Board 
  • Jamaica Tourism Board
  • Jamaica Minister of Tourism
  • Bahrain Convention Center 
  • Rajasthan Chief Minister
  • Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism
  • Seychelles Minister of Tourism
  • Croatia Tourism Board
  • Dubai Tourism
  • Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • St. Kitts Tourism
  • Trinidad  & Tobago Tourism 
  • Antigua Tourism
  • Croatia Tourism Board 
  • Centara Hotels & Resorts
  • Outrigger Hotels & Resorts
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Corinthia Hotels
  • Etihad Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qatar Tourism Board
  • International Institute for Peace Through Tourism
  • IMEX
  • World Travel Market (London, CapeTown and Sao Paulo)
  • Arabian Travel Market
  • OTM
  • Fairfest
  • PATA 
  • ETOA
  • New York Times Trade Show
  • BITTM China
  • TTG Asia
  • World Travel Awards
  • Community Marketing and Insight
  • LGBT Hawaii
  • Democratic Party (USA)
  • Routes
  • Sandals Resorts
  • City of Damyang, South Korea
  • World Tourism Forum
  • Africa Travel Association
  • Rwanda Kwita Izina 
  • Simpleview
  • Israel Tourism Consultant
  • Chauffeured Services
  • Vacation for Less
  • .travel 
  • Morocco Ministry of Tourism
  • Reunion Tourism
  • Mauritius Tourism 
  • City Poprat, Slovakia
  • Lotte Hotels
  • Vodohod Cruise Line, Russia
  • Rail Europe
  • OTM
  • Hawaii Visitors and Convention Center
  • ICTP

It has been proven that eTurboNews is the foremost online venue to disseminate information to the rest of the global travel and tourism world and beyond.

That is why the WHO IS WHO and EVERY major tourism organization is keen on partnering with us: To put it simply, because we deliver results.

afertourism.com is a partnership between

Tourism and More has been working for over two decades with hotels, tourism-oriented cities and countries, and both public and private security officers and police in the field of tourism security.

Tourism and More international staff include some of the leading experts in the field.

Dr. Peter Tarlow is a world-renowned expert in the field and a highly published author. Among his many books and scholarly publications are:

  • Event Risk Management and Safety
  • Tourism Security: Strategies for Effectively Managing of Risk and Safety
  • Sports Travel Security
  • The Sage Handbook of Tourism
  • The Encyclopedia of Security Management
  • Tourism in Turbulent Times
  • Tourism Crime and International Security Issues
  • Tourism, Security, and Safety

Tourism and More is considered by many as the world’s leader in tourism security, economic development through tourism and customer services.

Tourism and More provides consulting training, and certification to law enforcement, security, and travel and tourism professionals, hotels and destinations.

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners has worked in the field of Green Growth + Quality = Business for more than 12 years.
Members are in more than 70 countries around the globe, many of the members are regional or national tourism boards.


More information (PDF)

We organize core B2B conferences, exhibitions and in-house training for our target audience across the globe. Our events focus on lead generation, customer engagements, brand visibility, education & training, demand generation, and community building. We truly believe in delivering value through our events, which offers numerous opportunities for delegates and solution providers. This cornerstone has helped us to achieve excellence in the events industry. We tend to grow our company as one of the top and unique event Production and Management Company. We focus on leveraging our ideas with the market trends and technology to help businesses to overcome challenges and uncertainty.

We do not wait for opportunities rather we create them. We create strategic events for our clients and we make sure to create a platform that promotes global relevance issues. We are passionate to deliver the best services to our clients. We invite esteem speakers, senior executives and decision making authorities to participate in our events and share their experiences and case studies to better guide our participants. We provide a scope for businesses to find buyer-seller meetings

and networking opportunities. We act a medium for senior decision-makers and solutions providers to interact and maintain healthy business relationships. Our events are world-class and participants represent almost 50+ countries. We think exceptionally and we take our work as pride. We completely use a tailored approach to organize events. Our audiences vary from corporates to decision-makers, traders to solution providers, investors to start-ups and many more. Our proven track records and results are a testament to our success.

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